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Contract manufacturing that adds value.

Contract production or contract manufacturing. Two phrases, one clever solution.

Contract manufacturing is all about trust:

Your Mix in Best Hands

Your blend in the best hands

To put the production of your ideas into someone else’s hands, you need one thing: trust. We have over 20 years’ experience in blending, filling and packing powders, grain products and other dry substances (e.g. baking mixtures, muesli, drink powder or vegan cheese powder).

Insert Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing, even for small runs

We have a well-trained, skilled and motivated team that works every day to ensure our customers can continue to place their trust in us year on year. Cutting-edge blending machines, specialist employees and certified processes all guarantee you accurate doses and maximum food safety. We manufacture powder products from 80 g to 1,000 kg Big Bags.

Insert Small Package Manufacturing

Contract production that adds value.

We can quickly and safely implement your recipes – even on an industrial scale if needed. We always create documentation and an analysis tailored to your requirements. This enables you to stay flexible and at the same time rely on us complying with all the important standards – from painstakingly weighing out raw materials through blending to filling and packing and, if necessary, shipping.

ur contract production covers the following services:

Advice, help with procurement of raw materials.
On request, we advise you in the choice of raw materials, suppliers, and the choice of packaging materials.

Contract blending according to the customer’s recipe.
Bestmixx!Telto blends your dry food according to the specified recipes under strict confidentiality.

Processing all kinds of dry food raw materials..
This includes food, drink powders and lifestyle products, even down to vegan cheese powder.

Contract filling & packing
Bestmixx!Telto carries out contract production, contract filling and packing, labeling & packaging ready for dispatch from small volumes in different types of containers (80 g – 1,000 kg)

Quality assurance
Our centrally managed and monitored quality management system ensures that only impeccable goods leave our factory.

We are IFS certified.
Our IFS and Bio certifications underline the high requirements for both safety and quality.

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