Blending the possible.

We deliver solutions precisely tailored to the most varied individual blending orders.

Step by step, all the way to yourblend for success


Mischung nach Kundenrezeptur

Blending according to the customer recipe

Bestmixx!Telto blends your dry food or dietary supplements from dry substances in the form of powder, grain or granulate according to the specified recipes under strict confidentiality.
This includes food, drink powders and lifestyle products, even down to vegan cheese powder.

Schnelle Produktwechsel

Fast change of product, even for small quantities

Two separate, state-of-the-art blending systems guarantee that every product is processed gently and consistently.

Absolute Rezepttreue

Absolutely compliant with both the recipe and confidentiality

Being absolutely compliant with both the recipe and confidentiality is all about trust.
And for us, that’s just as important as safe processes and exhaustive documentation. Hygiene and food safety, along with quality and customer service, are our top priority.

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